Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A couple of questions

Actually, there are more than two questions.

Today, there was another shoe drop related to sacking the savers. Yep, the Fed put their rate to 0.25%. Just a year ago, it was over 5.0%. So, what is the person who has savings to do? Put it into the equities market (where securities are toxic by definition due to the gaming basis)? For what, to give it up.

Oh, we know. Consumer spending is a large part of the economy, of late. Must it be do? Let's talk about that and some other things. We know that spending, as non-saving, is necessary; but, need it enslave the populace, via unlimited debt, for the next few generations. Spending requires some type of basis; do we just give people the funds to spend? Oh, we just did that with the fat cat bankers, did we not?

Leveraging allowed many to balloon their pocket contents. For awhile, that is. It can only work for the populace, folks, in fairy dust land. But, an issue comes up; where can savings go to be safe from the idiots? We'll look at that.

Next up will be questions in regard to engineering.


01/03/2011 -- Ah yes, now there are demands. The question remains: what growth other than the pockets of these types?

09/26/2009 -- Lots of opinion and uncertainty.

08/20/2009 -- Consumers need income. Savers need other than to just be sacked.

12/18/2008 -- Leveraging, in and of itself, is not bad.

Modified: 01/03/2011

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