Friday, August 31, 2012

Five years

The blog started in 2007 with a few seeds. Then, the list was amended somewhat the next couple of years. Judging by the links that can be found on the post, many of the topics were covered.

The topic of "oops" was the original focus, as in the adage: it's human to err. In fact, if one doesn't err, one isn't doing anything (others doing the work for you). Or if you're doing something, you're expert and paying attention. Of course, one might not be paying attention while doing something (like the people, not all young, who are acting idiotic while carrying a smart device -- all sorts of things to discuss here. Another way to not err is whe one is merely re-playing the past (not essentially bad in itself, as a honed check-list is an intelligent approach to complicated tasks). Of course, some are just lucky (this runs out).

Re-play is used in the sense of action. We can make product more robust and fail safe. That has proven to be difficult for humans (and some products).

Now, following up on the re-play, everyone likes to have their script written, from time to time. You can differentiate people by how much of this they do. The independent, and those who pay attention (in tune with reality in which we find ourselves), are not script followers, so much.


The basic motivation, in the beginning, was a program that exclaimed being ready to test, then rolled out a shell product, and spent time trying to recover from the problems that ensued. Eventually, those who were problematic moved elsewhere, and the project did deliver. There continue to be issues, though.


Given the delivery, the urge to discuss things may have dropped, somewhat. So, that brings up the future. The related blogs looked at finance/economics and truth engineering. What ought to be the focus here?


09/01/2012 -- Following up on the mention of the idiotic behavior associated with the "smart" devices (or so-called) that making people dumb themselves down (yes, consciously), there is an oops of a young guy sticking his head out a bus opening (essentially, an emergency exit). The bus was moving. The story says that the teens took to twitter (twits, indeed) as if this is something that we ought to consider normal. Gosh, just so much to discuss about these types of things (and related issues). Question: given that twit-villes, and their actions, are a type of convergence (in the cloud, ephemeral except for the fact that there are many types of deleterious side-effects - far beyond what we can perceive with our materialistic blinders, at this moment), what do you have with a large (very, as in, slew) collection of idiotic thoughts pulled together in some type of approximation of coherence? Intelligence?

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