Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mania and more

I never saw any of the these movies. And, I am starting to remember the mania at the first movie release (Star Wars). At the time, it seemed awful silly. Now, we're decades past, and it still seems so.

But, then, some made oodles of money. And, a whole lot of people have been entertained.

Soon after the original mania, a Defense Initiative got a "Star Wars" nickname. Remember that? Lots of folks were weighing on both sides of that argument. Then, the later '80s and early '90s sort of pushed that whole theme to the background.

And, now, we find that some naive views on security were way off base. The internet, for one thing, is a mess. Then, we can start to list ... (must we?). Let's just say, the cloud is muddy (no manna there).

When the first movie came out (we were all younger), I had just gone through a couple of years reading a bunch of science fiction. Of course, Asimov was high on the list of favorites. There are more.

But, I never went to a movie if I had read the book after doing it once. Like Paul Simon says, cannot beat the sweet little imagination. Hear that, Hollywood? Their quandary is that things have to rush to the bottom (real fast) in order to keep the titillation up.

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