Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Beans, again

I put two posts on Truth Engineering (TE) related to this theme: Beans and such and Boomer lessons. Why TE? Well, beans are important. We expect that they will be handled appropriately; yet, through history, beans have been hard to control.

In the modern realm, things are a little better. Little? Yes, we have accounting. Yet, books are cooked; people are screwed out of their life savings. Then, even the most modern are problematic. Take bitcoin. It has been used to support gambling, illicit activities of other types, and even piracy. Piracy? Yes, someone ran a Ponzi scheme, evidently successfully.

So, oops, too? You bet.

And, beans apply here, too (04/11/2009). Back then, the conversation was about the fiction in finance. Is it any different, today?

Not. But, we must get a better handle on these things. How to go about that varies so much by personality and such.

We must not think that it is hopeless; after all, we learn how to engineer chaos, manage NP, and have some sort of success with Turing issues.

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