Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Oops abound

No post here does not mean that there is not an interest. I see 'oops' all of the time. Some of these almost make me want to write something; it is certain that the urge is there.

So, this week, I read a WSJ op-ed. We can look it up. They have a guy who writes about cars on a regular basis.

This time? He had a mea culpa. I was surprised, too, but really had thought this in the back of my mind. Some dude parks his Mercedes, for a few days, at an airport. He goes off. It was not that long, less than a week.

Heck, I do that many times. Leaving my car at a hotel (park and fly sort of thing) while I jet off somewhere. My car has always been ready when I returned. Except, last year, in the spring, some ant, in the flying stage, got settled in the door's insulation (driver's side). I did not see this. So, plenty of the burgers flew off when I hit the Interstate. But, then I noticed these little things. And, sure, enough, they had established a colony. A quick trip to the car wash took care of most of this. Otherwise, I just picked them off as I saw then for awhile. Eventually, no ants.

This dude? Dead car. Could not open the door. Why? Battery drained by the electronics put in by silly valley. What gives?

Yes, silly valley? But, auto engineers are supposed to have their feet on the ground, on the tires. Features that are not really necessary.

I'll get back to this. But, it does show how we have taken several wrong turns. Silly valley. Say that a lot. Source of oops. Want me to do a litany?

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