Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sixth poll series

Note: Poll completion.
The first five polls have been complete for some time; this blog has been taking a greater look at financial engineering than at product engineering; but, recent developments suggest that there ought to be a better balance and that another poll might be in order.

There are several questions to raise this time around.
  • Is the 787 program too scattered to be effective?
  • Is the IAM strike convenient to the 787 program?
  • When will the 787 deliver?
  • Will delays cause reversal of 787 orders?
One wonders why there are arguments for the process when the product has not been tested fully; does not that seem backward? The IAM's beefs (who are more doers than not) deal with the future as it is represented by 787 decisions; is it a convenient strike for Boeing (Bell's attitude seems to suggest so)? The delivery date has to be largely unknown; the product still needs to run through its ropes; is it wrong to ponder failure of this program? Flightglobal asked, in a poll, whether 1000 sold would occur before first delivery; well, what are the chances of retractions of orders?

Lessons learned: we'll have to attempt this at some time.
Remember to support bet2give; their poll is Test flight in 2008. See the list of Flightglobal polls related to the 787; the latest asks about the IAM strike (53% agreeing with the strike).

Usual poll etiquette assumed; polls are oriented toward information and not mis / dis-information.
- A casual user cannot double vote on any poll. But, there is no guard against intentional duplicate votes by those who know how.
- There is no consistency checking between polls.
- There is no meta-information about who votes or why.
- There is no current correlation between the polls, however the 'role' poll allows some indication of interest.


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