Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Other side of the pond

The engineering oops focus to date has dealt with this side of the pond, for the most part. Today, we get motivation from over there. Flightblogger released an analysis done by Airbus on the problems of the 787.

Well, we all knew that there were problems ever since the rollout of the 'Potemkin Dreamliner' on 07/08/07 in which an empty shell was glorified as if it were ready to fly. Leelaw wrote (9/4/07 12:06 PM): It's beginning to look like the potential negative legal, financial, and PR consequences resulting from the unfolding "Tale of the Potemkin Dreamliner," could make the process of recovering from the "Defense Procurement Scandal of '03" and/or the "Industrialisation Meltdown of '97-98" seem like relative cakewalks.

As of today, we do not have a date for first flight which is probably good if it reflects that Boeing is being more thorough in collecting the information required to firm up the plan.

Given the list of issues in the above report, it may be awhile before there is more firm information. The last poll here suggested that 2010 was the likely deliver date which would could happen with a first flight anytime in mid-2009.

The following was not invented here (seen in a flightblogger comment):
What will happen first? The first pitch at the new Yankee Stadium or 787 first flight?


09/02/2009 -- Lets face it, folks, undecidability needs to be discussed and adopted in any complex situational setting, especially if computers are involved. Only hubris pushes us to make loud exclamations about what we're going to do in the future.

07/14/2009 -- Nope, confounding continues.

05/18/2009 -- Testing in flight is within sight.

12/12/2008 -- 787 delays continue.

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