Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving, again

It's been a year since the financial view was added to that of program management. But, oops abound everywhere, including medicine. It's how we expect oops and then handle them, when they arise, that is important.

For the financial part, things just fell apart this year, though it was predictable. So many things have gone wrong, what with fairy dusting, happy talking, quirky quants, and more. We saw that financial engineering is so in name only.

But, too, the real engineers have had their problems, probably mostly attributable more to management idiocy than to any engineering downside. But, one wonders if the Systems Engineers may not have had a comeuppance that has been overdue. We have to ask what outsourcing lessons are going to be learned.

Now, there are commonalities, between the above finance and engineering views, that go beyond the use of mathematics and computing. What in finance is fiduciary duty is a little more complicated for an airplane program. That is, is rushing the job analogous to putting money in one's pocket? The programs needs to remember that a plane has to fly, do so well, keep people safe, work within cost, make money, and a number of other things.

The medical oops can be instructive, as in many cases protocol can outweigh data, yet there are issues of cost and quasi-empiricism that need to be considered. So, using examples from the medical disciplines can help in discussing finance and engineering.


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