Friday, December 31, 2010

We're gone

We're done and gone.

Belaboring the obvious loses its appeal, after awhile. So, we'll bid goodbye to Here we go, again and 2010. Not that some comment might not appear, now and then, particular to that subject (actually, probably more in praise than not).

There are many other themes to follow, such as how concerns about proofs lead to testing. But, that discussion has more of a focus on the cyber than on the physical. For real things, we have a shake out period (ought to), yet even during a long production run, there needs to be sampling to see if the process has not gone awry.

Other themes:
  • What is the 'truth' behind business?
  • Did King Alan really let off-the-books operations become the vogue despite the smell?
  • Business cannot be all wrong (even with that pervasive notion of jungle as the metaphor). Can the effects of this notion be enumerated?

07/15/2013 -- A fire late last week bring an opportunity to see what goes into determining whether to do composite repair or to undergo a section replacement.

04/07/2012 -- Flightblogger ends, as least, Jon's watch. Some issues raised five years ago are still apropos. The context may have changed a little, yet, perhaps now is time to re-address the themes which are beyond aviation, only one of a whole bunch of domains.

05/28/2011 -- Lemons problem, dark pools, ... Oh, so much to look at!

04/19/2011 -- Still gone.

02/03/2011 -- This is a place holder, for now, for Lewis' article. The Irish people (where is the rage?) were screwed over even more than the Americans. Now, one could argue oops; but, the truth is that certain minds need much more restraint than they are willing to admit. Unfortunately, other people bear the effects of these idiots (who, by the way, may, in many cases, test well - too bad there is not an effective arse test).

01/06/2011 -- I'm not back, but I have to make some comment on the fact that Jim M was in the group of those who have the gall to tell us, via our representatives, what we ought to do for them. Sheesh. I'll quit, now, before I start to re-look at the faults with this camp of people. Who is perfect? Well, a lot of us do not go about making unreasonable demands upon those who are providing a big part of our paycheck (yes, the taxpayers).

01/01/2011 -- We have four last posts of December under our belt.

01/01/2011 -- When one introduces a sensor in a control sense, that piece of information becomes part of what makes a system work. That is, even if the information is only sampled, it is not ignored.

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