Saturday, January 1, 2011

4th December

We've been at it enough to have four last posts for a year. It might be interesting to look at these with some commentary, starting with 2007.
  • 2007 (4 posts) -- Tranche or not -- Back then, there were rumblings of consequences about to rain down on a bunch of idiots. But, we, the innocent, were at risk, too. Gosh, of late, there have been articles dealing with the time of Alan when he allowed, even encouraged, off-book handling of what was trash (oops, tranche). Where is it a given that crap from the best and brightest does not stink?
  • 2008 (8 posts) -- Last post for 2008 -- Yes, using 'engineering' in the context of 'finance' stinks to high heaven. That is, the only way that this would make sense is if we had a the proper mentality to insist on sand-box testing (as in, isolated proof by demonstration). We'll continue to harp on that.
  • 2009 (2 posts) -- Life as simulation -- We have all seen the emergence of 'bots' and the requisite increase in control thinking. Yet, and to wit, underlying issues lurk, especially with artifact-driven ontologies.
  • 2010 (5 posts) -- We're gone -- Engineers really do try hard; actually, most of their disciplines have considered ethics. After all, the professional engineering stamp means something. Guess what? Economists, and the financial minds, have not!!! That, folks, needs attention. So, we'll just marvel at 'real' engineering feats and begin to harp more at the best and brightest who are more hubris-tic than real-istic. Yeah!!!

Oops happen! Therefore, we are.


02/26/2011 -- Added links to each month's archive.

02/08/2011 -- A topic of a year ago: there was a report today concerning a study on the SUA problem that has been going on quietly. More news will be coming later when the report is technically analyzed.

01/27/2011 -- The chimera shines.

01/23/2011 -- Added the number of posts for the month for the year.

01/19/2011 -- We have 4th January, to boot.

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