Tuesday, January 14, 2020

7 oops 7?

This blog (August 2007) and its sister (truth engineering - July 2007) started thirteen years ago. Why? Well, we'll get into more detail, but Boeing had a potemkin rollout in July of 2007. It was on the 8th day of July. With hoopla. National news.

And? Talking that they would fly soon. And, they could snap together sections. And, a lot more. But, the fuselage shown was mostly empty. Yes, indeed. We can go into the details as this was a major stumble. Mostly, we pointed to the fact that the marketing mind (say, Scott Carson) was not grounded in reality. Well, Boeing got this thing done. They went back to having an engineering focus.

The same thing needs to be done with the 737 Max and all of Boeing's work.

Why the name? Well, I knew early on that this was sham. Spirit, in Wichita, shipped an incomplete (severely so) section. There was not snap on. In fact, if you look at the reports, there were huge mismatches between sections.

What is a section? These are mostly used in a standard manner. From the nose back, you have the cabin, mid-way there is the wing section, and at the end is the tail. There are others depending upon the size of the plane. The idea was to have a section stuffed by a contractor. These would then be joined. Within three days was the goal.

There is a lot more, but why the name? Well I was walking and talking with my spouse about this idiocy. Even in Wichita, there was a huge deal with the shipment. She is the one who said this: "7 oops 7." I ran with that. Now, if you look at the blog's flow, you'll see that I followed the ins and outs. At some point, though, the engineers came through. I said, I'm out of here.

Now, I'm back. Due to the state of the computing reality. It's a shambles.

Not long after I started, guess what? The finance people were running amok, per usual. And, rumbles were surfing. Ah, that's down my alley. Except this. I felt like Rip van Wrinkle. How did I miss this stupidity?

I was focusing on engineering and the truth aspects. It's interesting that the main player in the mess was financial engineering (thanks, MIT - engineering school).

But, I got into the thing fast. And, Ben? Ah. Eventually, I started FEDaerated to have more of the proper focus. Yes, that started two years later (August 2009). With these three, 7'oop7, truth engineering, and FEDaerated, I could cover the basis that apply technically.

You see, these issues are mostly technical in a real broad sense. At times, they even overlap medicine's problems with their drug pushing ways. But, hey, who's perfect?

In any case, the computer has made things topsy-turvy, everywhere. So, oops will be the norm. Why? There are limits that need discussion.

BTW, we're in a financial mess, again, too. This I discussed over the past decade. So, again, I'm back.

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