Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fifth poll series

Note: Poll completion.

The first four polls are complete. There have been many announcements of late, so another poll might be in order.

There are two questions to raise this time:
  • When will the 787 fly?
  • Will Boeing deliver the 787?
The first question considers that first flight may be later than we've been led to believe. Why? Were we told that the empty shell rolled out last year was months away from flight? What might be known now that is not being disclosed?

The second question, hopefully, is unnecessary, yet, at this point, obtaining opinions about the matter may be interesting. Why opinions? As we are outside and are only dealing with information released by Boeing, what facts do we have to go by that we can believe? And, this question has been asked in other forums.


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Modified: 05/13/2008


Anonymous said...

In retrospect, will we find that this plane ought to have built by Boeing, in the US, and tested thoroughly before any farming out of the production?

Many of the current problems can be attributed to poor business and technical decisions. But, will we, and Boeing, learn from this?

One has to ask whether Boeing really believed that the plane could be built or whether the outsource method was to allow for excuses.

By leaving technical matters to the suppliers, Boeing has lost all authority and control. Whose idea was it that wishes could fly? That is, accomplishment is just that; throwing responsibility to unproven suppliers is a problematic at best and a crap shoot at worst.

As a reminder, the plane has not flown, and we do not know what problems will arise from the test flights. Nor, do we know that Boeing will be able to solve and problems that arise in a timely manner.

Anonymous said...

I knew in 2005 that the 787 was not going to be delivered on time. Oh yes, there were those eternal optimists shouting down any reasonable skepticism about the plan. About 2006, my main source of tidbits about the 787 quit talking about the program. However, Boeing kept putting the 'dream' in front of the public with announcements.

So, in May 07, upon hearing that the pieces were shipping to Everette, my ears perked. But, where could I go for accurate information?

At that time, even flightblogger was delusional about the thing.

So, when July 07 came, I had to bow to Boeing as having pulled off a miracle.

But, wait! What did we find out? That was a 'potemkin' event of major sorts.

Why were not there adjustments to the schedule from 2005 and on, such that the fiasco of a roll-out was delayed until the plane was really ready? Well, the main issue may turn out to be ethics.

However, it could just be good old group think. Boeing is very good at suppressing dissension. So, all those tied into the 'dream' kept it going even when they knew that things were awry.

Thankfully, flightblogger proved a means for information to sneak out beyond the Boeing shield. It got the debate going; was Boeing forced by this to admit the delays? The company has really clamped down, though, on leaks.

With the latest revelation from management, what are we to believe?