Monday, June 2, 2008

Oops examples

We can find many examples of oops in a lot of places, as we know that we cannot have 'oops and loops without oops. Perhaps, we'll use enumeration of types via examples as a theme for awhile, rather than just beat on the engineering and finance themes.

For starters and nodding to the fact that this week is the third year anniversary of an event that had oops all around, let's use examples from a divestiture (big word for split) of a division out of a company.

How to start? Well, let's just look at a few potential types; we'll continue the theme for awhile until exhaustion, both of the subject and the blog writer.

In terms of the third-year re-look, let's do it from perspectives of various players.
  • -- Manager (spawning company) who started all this - oops, or is it oh-oh?
  • -- Worker who could have transferred but did not for whatever reason - oops, I don't have as good insurance and pension benefits as before
  • -- Managers (who spawned off and lined pockets) - oops, I should have waited a little before dumping stock as it did bubble there momentarily (ah, but now it's down again)
  • -- Worker who raised ethical concerns - oops, no one cared as the managers running the split were allowed two-tongued stances for many weeks
  • -- Management chain - oops, look at what those above me got
  • -- The general employee who got mail - oops, where is my piece of the pie?
  • -- The rejected who got DHL - oops, what happened?
  • -- Union worker - oops, what?
  • -- Worker who didn't accept offer - oops, ouch!! (thrown out by the ear with a swift kick from a black-booted thug)
Of course, there are the antitheses of the oops, non-oops if you would.
  • -- Financial-ers - oh, what wonder color Wichita money has!! Let's get more, ah Hawker!!
  • -- Retiree/double dippers - oh, great retiree insurance! two paychecks!! (Who cares that the majority is scraping by with less after this event's take-aways.)
  • -- Worker who did transfer and retired later - oh, isn't it great!!
  • -- Managers who didn't suck up and were pushed out -- oh, it's nice to have a conscience
Naturally, there are many more. Care to add some?

Or, leave stories in the comments or e-mail them: Shattered dreams, That stinks.


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