Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fiduciary duty

So, what are these duties? Somehow, the financial folks got their pocket lining as their main goal. It's not just the financial folks, as CEOs, in general, seem to put their own reward first.

Now, as any good military officer will tell you, such behavior stinks. Yet, we have let these CEO types have their own way; why? Financial engineering surely has not been exemplary as its gaming ontology exacerbates the problems.

There are several questions to ponder: what trust is expected? how do we judge whether they are being fulfilled? ...

That the Feb and Treasury are experimenting in real-time does not negate the need for analysis related to these issues. For now, savers will continued to be sacked.

But, that has to do with the cyclic nature of business, we're told. Well, those that argue thusly, with the same breath, run on about the market growing over time. They need to realize that a near monotonically increasing function would result from getting away from the gab standard. This we'll look at more closely, too.


11/29/2011 -- Ah, Big Ben helped his friends more than he said, at the time.

06/07/2009 -- Say what?

01/26/2009 -- Lessons to be learned (as opposed to learnt), including, by necessity, Ponzi and bringing back security.

11/01/2008 -- One has to ask what is the parallel in engineering, and program management, to the fiduciary duty of finance. In regard to the 787 project, much has happened with regard to the schedule, the suppliers, and more. Boeing announced some insights about its 787 planning. Before that, the idiocy of a truncated (abbreviated) test cycle was changed.

Reminder: at this point last year (we can pinpoint the specific dates), there was still some talk about delivering in May 2008.

Modified: 11/29/2011

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