Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Day

For starters, read the Inaugural Address of President Obama.

Expect that the coming changes will be interesting from several angles. But, that finance will awaken to its fiduciary duties once again, rather than create toxicity, is a key issue to address.

In short, the chances for improvements are boundless and deserve our attention. That there can be rigor and science involved improves both the interest and our challenge.

Engineering, product management, and all other disciplines can benefit from this paradigmatic shift, to boot. Additionally, will t-issues become more in vogue and obtain acceptability?


11/08/2016 -- New Day, again.

10/10/2013 -- Ben is leaving (did he get called out?); Janet is stepping up to the plate. Will Janet bring a new game?

11/07/2012 -- Another new age is upon us. Well, not for a couple of months. We just had the vote yesterday. One has to think of all of those things left undone during the last four years in the context talked about above (which was written about four years ago). What will the next four years bring? Can we list the undone and talk what ifs? Perhaps.

01/22/2009 -- As promised, the link to the Address has been added.

Modified: 11/08/2016

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