Friday, February 13, 2009

The times

The WSJ has been good about offering analysis about the current mess, its etiology, and the ways and means for resolving such. The opinion articles are open to public view and worthy of comment.
Rogue table (from WSJ) and poster boys.


07/22/2015 -- Some of these are, now, poster boys.

06/23/2013 -- Ben sure has talked up (gabbed to) the investors; a recent downturn offers a lot to think about.

10/22/2012 -- Finally, we hear from 60 minutes. There is a bigger issue: are these binding shut-up policies (always in favor of the employer) constitutional?

08/13/2011 -- Banks still struggling. We could have taken them over.

05/17/2011 -- Golden sacks (leftmost mug), by Rolling Stone and Daily Ticker.

01/03/2011 -- Ah yes, now there are demands. The question remains: what growth other than the pockets of these types?

04/17/2009 -- Minsky and the facts of ephemeral value are a couple of topics on the list.

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