Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Predicting idiocy

We may not know what is smart, but we can identify idiocy by its pain, especially that imposed upon the hapless.

So, we have 2 trillion (bucks) of toxic waste (so-called assets) from the latest idiocy which was brought on us by the best-and-brightest. This was predictable. How?

Well, a few years ago, congruent in time with the tech bubble, the smart kids were going into computing. What happened there where a new world was supposedly being put into place (web-oriented, for those who don't recall)? Bust city.

Then, people wondered why the exflux (opposite of influx) of people out of computing (note that we can enumerate the associated academic disciplines). The kids were going into finance. What? That's a silly discipline. Oh wait, the bonuses were beyond anyone's imagination. And, as we see, especially with AIG, very addictive to those who get on that teat.

And, what happened with finance and fiction? Bust city.

So, a survey of the academic disciplines will help pinpoint the next boom and bust. You see, we can go back in time and, generation by generation, identify idiocy in action. And, the older folk just get out of the way; Hawker has put an old guy in charge now (isn't that apropos?). Some of this is not unlike cleaning up messy diapers from those who never grew up, perhaps like those in the rogue gallery.

What is the new intellectual fad to watch?


08/01/2013 -- Ben cannot unwind or taper downhe has too many Doves. We'll have to get back to the king thing (yes, the divine rights of the CEO, new royalty, in other words) and dampening of these types by a new outlook (Magna-Carta'√≠sh).

05/07/2013 Case of the sucking of life out of a firm?

05/30/2012 -- As covered by flightblogger.

05/04/2012 -- A recent filing relates to this theme.

05/17/2011 -- Golden sacks (leftmost mug), by Rolling Stone and Daily Ticker.

09/02/2009 -- The supposedly best-and-brightest have led us on a perdition-directed path through mis-using mathematics and computation.

07/17/2009 -- China has eaten our lunch (and dinner). Shows how silly our games are. Yet, finance can be run by people who can be non-profit in scope and who have an impeccable (oh, what quaintness!) un-interest in money.

04/17/2009 -- Minsky and the facts of ephemeral value are a couple of topics on the list.

03/30/2009 -- Renewable energy is getting a lot of interest. Let's hope that more young people being involved there will get us some more progress and increase potentials for careers.

03/25/2009 -- All the involved generations are culpable here. We'll get into that with depth, including technicalities, as we go along here.

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