Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Class acts IV

Gosh, this will take an undirected turn which is not unexpected when underdetermination is considered. Consider that we can make the 'boomers' to be the example this time (see II and III). Yes, they who turned 60 not too long ago.

Well, there are too many people to mention, but we can start to list a few.
  • -- Milken. Did he really believe that risk could be wished away (see item #3, what say you, silly games)?
  • -- Stein. Relates to Milken in an interesting way. Haven't read the book. May do so.
  • -- A whole nameless cadre (Mike, this is here to juxtapose your take) who worked hard, helped within their community, raised their family, looked forward to the future and who were then screwed over by their government (laxity, belief - almost to the point of foolishness - in 'the' market (hah!), pure greed, ...), business (mostly stinky from the get go), and the fat cats (ah, not included with business?). To these is dedicated in part the efforts at depicting how a supposedly well-educated and smart generation went awry.
  • -- Yes, the hippies of whom we can choose many an example, ..., at some later point.
  • -- Those who took more than probably warranted.
  • -- ...
  • -- Those who apologized? Or those who did not (WSJ, 9/19/2009, "This Boomer Isn't Going To Apologize")?
  • -- Any who did not let the pollution of money to undermine their excellence as human beings: Yes, rent can go to labor (new look at capitalism), and finance can have a higher calling. It's amazing that President Obama spent time in Chicago (lots of it) and did not fall into the ways of the CBOE (Buffet is now siren'ed it seems).
We could add a few more of those who represent something about the generation but will not for the everyone's sake.


04/03/2011 -- Need to look at some background. Too, tranche and trash.

10/22/2010 -- We need more like Perelman in order to have a fair economy.

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