Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lords and Serfs

Like in the old feudal times, we have those who work to exhaustion, do so while they can, and then have what they might have saved stolen. These are the Serfs. Now, on the other side, are those who accumulate massive amounts of stuff, display much of this in ostentatious manners, and then ensure that their intake is sustainable by pilfering in various ways. These are the Lords.

Now, it's not so simple as a two-set affair. As, we have various mixtures. The meritocracy (link here) that we've come to love tries to help some rise out of their Serf-ness. At the same time, most of the rules and actions on the part of a third party (our beloved government (say, the FED and Treasury)) mostly bails out the Lords ('fat cats'). Some say that this is so due to the government being susceptible to the lures of money dangled before the nose (Message to those in the lead. Let us get back to limited terms, gentleman and lady public servants, and this: finance can be run by people who can be non-profit in scope (no need for the silly games) and who have an impeccable (oh, what quaintness!) un-interest in money. Yes, it can be so.).

Yes, business likes to use metaphors that involve beating people, in all senses. For instances, sharks eat people's lunches and more (dead peasant). There are too many examples to go into.

In short, the Lords of business like to beat on the Serfs who have to work for them. Well, one would think that the third party, government, would help balance out the thing (level field). But, look at the recent playings. Who got bailed out? The fat cats. Okay, it may be that the Lords have had the press in their pockets and such.

Thankfully, the internet is opening up the discursive means (econoblogs) to a broader populace. Unfortunately, what we see might indicate why Serfs are sometimes their own worse enemies. But, efforts need to continue in lifting out the potential of the web.

Now, one implication of all this is that the best-and-brightest, apprentices for Lordship supposedly, are those who ought to ascend. Well, some who go up are the dumbest. Too, there are many in the Serf camp who brain-wise can outweigh any of the Lords.

Many Lords are bullies. Of course, Lords can be found on the union side, to boot. It's just that no union person can accumulate like the Lord of business. Even mis-appropriations on the union side pale in contrast to those we've seen doing the perp walk (posing for their mug shot). Many more sail by since any who might have a misgiving about their smell (whosenoseknows) are beaten down or threatened or the powers that be are just not paying attention to the right people.

Lords dazzle.

Oh wait, I'm descending into a game of the idiots. Let's lift ourselves out of the mire. Why does business mostly seem like pigs in the slop?

Where is there the analog of beauty in nature? Tell me, please. I have an idea. And, the future belongs to that side. The mire side is of the dinosaurs, believe me.

Now, why is this? Well, we'll go into that in depth. Expect that there will be an econoblog soon attached to this blog, and its related kin, that will look at the specific matters in a fresh way.

Of course, there may be insights which could help improve various business aspects as the majority of my time has been pondering microeconomic issues. Yet, it's in the macro side where those in charge focus. And, many have their heads in the wrong place? (quasi-empiricism)

Partly, we can blame the sirens of mathematics, science, and technology (underdetermination) for screwing things up.

Recent events show that even engineering can find paths to perdition just as we've seen happen in finance. After all, many of the decisions are very much economic in part.

Now, for success does a serf have to emulate Lords and strive for their ilkness? Interesting question. Madoff provides the answer, in part.

Can Lords pass through the needle's eye? Oops. That a t-issue but nevertheless part of the discussion.

Now, what name might be appropriate for the new blog? Fed-aerated? Any suggestions?

What has happened to all the talk about 'moral-hazards' of only 12 months ago or so? Gosh, when the money flies is not like fairy dust?


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01/26/2010 -- This sort of started tongue-in-cheek but moved a little (Lords? What else but the Street of the best and brightest. Serfs? Well, Main Street). Yes, employees as chattel is one lesson. Too, ideological issues have screwed up Adam Smith's little idea. And how. We've been in a mess now for over a year. Big Ben shot his bullets early and showed where his loyalty were (bail out the Big Chimera). Obama did not take on the financial idiots and their slobbering lobbyists early enough. Nationalization sounds more interesting, in retrospect. What was done only increased the gravy train. Big Ben was Man of the Year? He's up for review now. Can we take another four years? Oh, yes, there are traps that we all face in trying to do things; however, some have this Lordly Prince thing going on that needs more scrutiny.

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