Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who is to know?

As we see with most things, in finances, opinions abound around a spectrum. The trouble is that money is at the core of our existence, with everyone expected to earn their way. Except, some do get from the folks. Most don't.

Besides, mama and papa may have, but bless the child that got its own (paraphrase). Yet, we do expect those who are the, supposed, financial experts to have some notion of fiduciary responsibility.

One bit of controversy deals with non zero and bonds-equity (order here can be used to imply an opinion). The recent mania about the upswing in equities has the media touting that everyone ought to get on the bandwagon.

Always timely, a WSJ op-ed (Don't Get Hit by Crash at Finish Line) gives an appropriate message to the theme.

At a certain age, financial fall outs are more catastrophic than not. Oops is not just strong enough to describe the visceral effect.

Hence, for those who want to play with risk, a sandbox is very much appropriate.

So, in regard to one's money and risk appetite, the individual has the choice but needs to know. Here is the problem: do you really think that the spin, and clamor, of the present financial reporting mechanisms works to the little guys' benefit? Hah! If you answered yes, think again.

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