Friday, September 30, 2016

Ease versus quality

This summer, I ran across several cases that puzzled me. I saw workers doing a process that was guaranteed to produce poor quality, as in, have poor results.

Yet, they blithely went about the work. Machoism? Idiots? Management intervention (same thing)?

In the first case, I asked some guy why they did it this way. You see, they had to do it over. He said that it was easier.

What? Where did we lose our sense of working for purpose?

Later, I talked to one manager. I said, your guys are doing things to make their job easier, not to do it better. He said, that's not right. However, I think that he was just pushing off the comment.

No wonder things are going to pot everywhere. Recalls up the wazoo. Shoddy work all around.

In another case, the guy said that this was the modern way. What? The older method gave better results. Matter of style? Not really.


Now, at the same time, we see an emphasis on self-auditing. What idiot thought of that?

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