Thursday, June 25, 2015

Not back IV

This is about Jim M, indirectly.

So, who is he? Well, our first post mentioning the guy was in 2009 (he did get Scott out of the way). There were a few others.

Essentially, BA let (made?) Mulally go to Ford. He is now retired. Jim M was their choice. At the time, the finance guy was running things after the hefty guy got booted for philandering.

Ethics issues? Did Jim M help?

So, now, a 30-year veteran is coming into the position to replace Jim M. Forbes said that the 787 (each of them) will have a $30M tax (the overrun spread over the number to be built). Too, it suggested that Jim M could have worked with the employees.

Jim M came from a place that made notes that stick on pads, etc. He came into an industry where there are proprietary benefits from having employees that know what they are doing.

We have not really paid attention for a few years now. There is so much to look at. Is there time? Actually, is there interest? Yes and yes. But, the review be done thoroughly.

Well, happy retirement (I understand that he'll be involved with the Board).

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