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This blog has accumulated posts since July of 2007. It has a companion blog which started earlier: truth engineering (tru'eng). Through the eight (almost) years, tru'eng allowed a more general look at the problems covered in this blog.

For both blogs, the initial focus was on product and process, from early stages all the way through (to release and support and further). At the time that this blog started, some unifying schemes were already underway; these have come a long way.

Being that the blogger has been doing advanced computational work for decades, it is nice to see the culmination of a whole lot of work even though youngsters seem to, now, benefit more through massive influxes of money into their pockets. Yet, all of that, plus the adulation of the masses, does not remove some basic problems which we will again attempt to re-introduce into the discussion.

You see, oops are all around. I have a litany (several decades in existence) that will come to fore. You might consider that its existence has fostered the appreciation of "near zero" (we'll get back to that). The reason that some oops are allowed is that the little people provide a very large buffer. Too, some things on the litany (yes) relate to means established to provide "teflon" to certain types of folks. ... But, one can say that the world has always worked thus.

So, oops? Well, from an engineering focus, we turned to finance as idiots, and their impact, seemed to abound everywhere. The blog had the original focus for two months. Then, things started to fall apart (actually, the awareness of such, since the issues were there - not seen by the experts, such as King Alan): November 2007 post. And, would you believe(?), the engineers got their act together (after marketing quit bothering them); the financial wackos are worse now.


So, let's take one example. Since the tru'eng rework addresses undecidability, we ought to go back and look at an instance where both of these blogs had a post on the same topic.
    ...7'oops7 - Reasonable effectiveness - good engineering practices can produce results without considering the issues raised here; yet, suppression and oppression of the importance of these issues (to be discussed further) does come back to bite - usually when hubris is at some unbearable height. 
    ... Truth engineering - Unreasonable effectiveness - Unreasonable comes about since there are all of these things that we can do, and that we can use to do, which come about from ways and means that are not known (whence?, etc.). Basically, we do, learn, redo, ... while cycling through knowns and unknowns (with this very large reality in which we find ourselves responding (as it wants). At one time, there was discussion of unknown-unknowns (BTW, this was a subject handled jointly, to boot), almost in a frivolous manner. Yet, if you look at the tru'eng post, we think that number-fying conquers most (if not all).  

There are many examples (two shown above) where a re-look is apropos. How this review gets accomplished is an open issue, right now.

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