Monday, July 27, 2015

Look backs

This is a different connotation of "back" from that used in the last post (where we say that finance is more of a culprit than engineering). In this case, we are considering the eight years of blogging that have gone into this and the companion blog (truth engineering had its first post on July 24, 2007 - Truth, can it be engineered?). The first post here was in August the same year.

Both of these blogs are contemporaneous views on a subject with discussion (and opinion) thrown it. As such, they offer several threads. The one that has prime focus deals with finance and its issues (spawning off the Fedaerated blog). It turns out that the finance thread's cycle will be reset again, as we go through experiencing the after effects of choices made the past few years. One key issue is the flim-flam market view that has been so much touted and which is so exploited (because, those in control can and chose to do so). We will be going into this whole thing in more detail.


Another blog, Thomas Gardner of Salem, started in September of 2010. A blog of a similar nature just had a Blogoversary (six years).


This blog deals with oops ('oops, hoops, etc.). As such, the range of discourse is fairly broad. One key, though, is computational assists and their influences. At the beginning, the topics dealt with engineering (design, manufacture, etc.). Then, finance offered up itself (thanks) and will continue to be of focus. Why? For one, another poster boy popped up the other day (WSJ on 78-year old).

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07/27/2015 -- On CS and IQ (Quora).

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