Saturday, September 22, 2007

Flightblogger and more

A recent news report was discussed in an thread (whistle blower issue, more later). Among the comments was a reminder that investment companies have analysts who specialize in these topics. Too, several reporters (several old media types) watch what is going on. The question arises as to whether 'New Media' (to be defined further, as flightblogger had a discussion related to this) can play a role. Jon was helping to explore this.

The underlying motivation in this current blog, as expressed in the seeds, is a new look at information, especially that which has advanced computational support, and how we might evaluate it. The particular focus is due to its interest and potential, perhaps, to provide access to real-world experiences and backward-looking analysis.

Isn't the world watching things unfold?


08/24/2016 -- Boeing is 100, this year.

04/07/2012 -- Flightblogger ends, as least, Jon's watch. Some issues raised five years ago are still apropos. The context may have changed a little, yet, perhaps now is time to re-address the themes.

01/19/2011 -- Update1 and Update2. The focus now will be mostly the idiots of economics/finance.

05/17/2009 -- This whole issue will be re-addressed as the flight test results unfold. For one, the new media's impact has grown the past couple of years. Too, plenty of the older media have stopped paper output and only have a web-presence. Yet, how all this will evolve is anyone's guess. There is still the basic issue: how to verify on-line content. Wikipedia's known problems are one example. The issue is not just hoaxing; bad information can propagate quite rapidly; many times the genie, once let loose, cannot be put back into the bottle.

01/11/2009 -- Re-format back into the usual Remarks scheme. which was lost with the 10/20/08 update. It's pure coincidence that we have a 1/11/08 and a 1/11/09 entry for Remarks. As said on 11/2/07, the issues of 'sock puppetry' (and how Jon's blog got this notion started) remain to be discussed.

10/20/2008 -- More evidence as in this article at the Chicago Tribune detailing the evolution of the flightblogger. As the story says, people within Boeing risked their jobs (and did not honor their proprietary agreement) to contact Jon. Hence, that photos, which are really the property of Boeing, came into the possession of Jon is of interest from several sides.

That Boeing, seemingly, has capitulated the issue is something to discuss (albeit, that what has been characterized as a 'potemkin' event occurred is puzzling, too).

How there will be many ways for the new media to unfold is another topic that'll get some attention.

01/11/2008 -- We have more evidence now that Jon is real. Expect, at some point, more discussion about why this might have been an issue to a viewpoint based entirely on bits portrayed on the screen (representative, you know, of many types of 'virtual' experiences where our need for truth evaluation rest upon fairly weak measures and weaker substance) and critical analysis of content.

11/2/2007 -- flightblogger is back; we'll see what information comes from that source; the context will change due to the flightglobal connection.

The issues about how we identify sock-puppets remain.

9/22/2007 -- The flightblogger is offline until further notice (see Jon's explanation, Reply 5 by IAD787, on The thread looked at possible reasons, such as the Comments getting out of hand. Jon said that he had no pressure to take it down. We look forward to the resurrection.

In the meantime, topics to discuss here are several. The seeds need to be updated. The first poll will expire shortly. At that time results from the existing 3 polls will be summarized; other polls will start with a role poll attempting to show who is interested.

With 26 votes, most were 'other (just interested)' followed by 'a Supplier' and encompassed a large majority.

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