Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What model?

Ah, don't we love medicine and all its supporting science and engineering??

Earlier posts harped about our love of abstractions and about our potential misuses of such.

The last post brought up the idea that morbidity & mortality could be applied to business analysis; actually, implied is that we need some metaphor like this, with a natural basis, to resolve issues of quasi-empiricism.

Well, the idea of (abstraction suggested by) this post may have some power.

Such as, just as a product deficiency may point to some morbid factor in the related process leading back, of course, to the organization(s) and the players thereof, so too can some economic deficiency in that major of organizations, the society, point to some morbidity issue that we ought to understand.

This model might help differentiate how truth engineering, 7 'oops 7, and whosenoseknows might interplay, namely, the theoretical/abstract basis, the operational issues, and measurement, respectively.

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