Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stable money

Earlier, a post mentioned that 'gab standard' was a good description of the current affairs in handling money. The phrasing came from a WSJ article by Judy Shelton. Since then, several posts have used gab standard in discussing financial oops, such as those things dealing with fiction and leveraging.

Yesterday, in her "Stable Money is the Key to recovery" (WSJ), Judy expands further on the issues that stem from going off a basis (it was gold).

Having an underlying for money (money as a derivative, so to speak) is something to discuss as we go further into this.


01/15/2015 -- One of the most-read, of late, as things do look unsettling. Did we learn anything?

08/01/2013 -- Ben cannot unwind or taper downhe has too many Doves. We'll have to get back to the king thing (yes, the divine rights of the CEO, new royalty, in other words) and dampening of these types by a new outlook (Magna-Carta'√≠sh).

06/23/2013 -- Ben sure has talked up (gabbed to) the investors; a recent downturn offers a lot to think about.

03/15/2011 -- The M & Ms are apropos.

11/02/2010 -- Two years later, the message is the same, except some changes have occurred. Of real note is that the jobless rate is high; out-housing really set up for that. Also, we need to re-look at that learned from the 'vons' guys, Ludwig and Friedrich. See Near Zero.

11/08/2009 -- The gigantic chimera needs proper attention.

09/08/2009 -- Heterodox covers several things, but here the suggestion leans towards the energy-based approach to money and value.

08/24/2009 -- Last year, Ben blinked and panicked. He frantically pulled out all stops as if with no thought for tomorrow. Now, he has no use for 'mea culpa' big daddy that he is. Ben, start to unwind now. The Vienna School's view that these things are undecidable (which is a computational issue) is right on.

08/10/2009 -- As promised, FEDaerated is here.

02/18/2009 -- We can look at why securities become toxic, almost by necessity.

02/13/2009 -- Debate continues.

01/18/2009 - We even need to look at why we need finance.

12/01/2008 -- We need to learn what we might be taught about money by Islamic Finance.

11/18/2008 -- Yesterday, the WSJ had an opinion article titled: "To prevent bubbles, restrain the Fed". The Fed has been on record many times saying that we cannot see bubbles as they happen. What? The approach has been to clean up the mess after the fact (as if the market capitalist cannot be toity trained). Well, as said above, the gab standard is troublesome, for many reasons.

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