Monday, August 10, 2009

Fair value

Yeah, this concept can get dusted with the fairy's charms like anything financial. As a reminder, we need to keep in mind the change that happened recently (see discussion on 3/13/2009 - there is much more to this to discuss) is showing several results, including billions in payouts to the supposed best-and-brightest, class act that they are. That is, as the Congressman says, the rules of the game were changed in the middle of the game for the clambering horde who wants to continue their ways.

The first touch on this subject here was in the context of measuring progress, which is an issue of earned value. That the engineering use refers to something real does not invalidate the suggested similarity. You see, if we were dealing with other than a fiat situation with money, we would have something that we could get our arms around.

Too, we could have more accountability. That is, the current approach seems to look at who takes the biggest part of the pie as a bonus as it's chief measuring stick. How did this come to be? Banking and finance are really just utility functions. Silly game, indeed.

Now, as we are reminded by the accountants, 'market' and marking can has its issues, to boot. We don't have recourse to a 100% fail-safe system, yet we could stabilize better by removing, or minimizing, the gaming element. Yeah, like adults trying to keep the world safe and livable.

One question: why do we let the media's glorification of these imbeciles rule our daily use of the airwaves?

So, it is time to get serious. See FEDaerated which, as promised, will deal with things economic. We'll still venture upon that theme here, as it's integral to good engineering. The difference? FEDaerated will be more serious in nature.


09/09/09 -- We'll need to look at UUUN, as a framework, for assessing valuing methods.

09/03/2009 -- Computational foci raise miraculous need. Yes, we need to talk NP and more.

08/11/2009 -- This post was incomplete. We didn't talk markets to which we are to mark. So, we'll need to look at that further. Also, we'll have to go more into intrinsic value.

Modified: 09/09/2009

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