Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Summary, 2012

The blog got its start in August of 2007. As of today, there have been 234 posts with 18 categories. The most read of the Categories is Minsky's model.
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The image shows the most-read posts for the Past 30 days and for All time.

  • Of late (Past 30 days) - Confoundedness (Poll 7) comes from the summer of 2009 when expectations  concerned the planned start of the flight testing. There was an associated poll. At the time, the blog had switched to looking at the economic downturn and its causes. The program seemed to be on its way with a new schedule, however wrinkle came to fore. However, testing continued with first delivery occurring on September 26, 2011.  
  • Since the beginning (All time) - Wing and body talks about a design issue that may have been related to the problem reported in summer of 2009. A continuing discussion from that occurrence would consider the need to keep ties between systems, their states, and the reality that they model. The issue really revolves around equivalences twixt computational model and nature. 
The number of posts show that there was more activity in 2008 (82) and 2009 (60). Of late, the post activity has wound down, to wit 2010 (21), 2011 (26), and 2012 (13). 


12/23/2012 --  This blog followed Truth Engineering by about a month. Motivation arose after a supplier for the 787 program said that they were rolling out something that would snap into place with other pieces. And, after the Company said that they could snap pieces together in a matter of days and that they were ready to put pieces together and to roll out a plane that would be ready to go into testing, more or less. Of course, it was after the 7/8/7 roll out, with tremendous fanfare, that the blog started.. People were scrutinizing photos taken at the roll out to see what was in the plane. Flightblogger was raising a clamor about seeing empty space. Then, the truth came out about the thing (mostly empty shell) that was rolled out not being ready. Luckily for some, the finance idiocy fell apart, big time, which took interest away. And, the Company eventually got the engineering focus the priority that it needed, and the engineers accomplished what needed to be done. 

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