Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New Day, again

Back in 2009, we wrote a post (A New Day). After eight years under Bush, the country was starting down a new path. Notice that I mention fiance starting to look at its fiduciary duty. Gosh, that took a long time.

Today, we are in the cusp of a new path. It's noon, so no winner is known. How things will unfold the new two months is uncertain. But, we wanted to set the tone for our re-looks.

Essentially, we had, with this election, the flower-child times coming to fruit. There is a lot to think about with this. These types of transition times allow look backs without having to apologize.

Flower child? Yes, those idealistic, anti-establishment little folk who had their summer in 1967. That little bubble burst not long after. Rushing forward, we had bubbles bursting when the earlier post was written. The depth of the recessional times had not been seen. Actually, they never went away for some folks. We can write about all of that.

One candidate is 70; the other is 69. So, 49 years ago, they would have been 21 and 20, respectively. What were they up to in that seminal year? We have to look at that.

In the past 49 years, how many oops have we seen? Ah, an endless list have we with which to occupy ourselves.

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