Friday, March 31, 2017

We let the genie out of the bottle

This is our first post of 2017. Lots going on. President Trump is now two months in office. How he is doing depends upon the person looking. One big story is that Russia paid for trolls to put out fake news.

You know, we let the genie out of the bottle. If we could go back 20 years, and given what we know, would we have done the internet release any different? I have written that this old guy was appalled at the lackadaisical manner in which it was thrown out to the public. The taxpayer funded its development. Ah, so many discussion to have there.

So, oops all around, don't you think?

But, the computer, in general, is still a source of all sorts of oops. So, we'll get back to that. I have been doing Quora for almost two years now. It has a question-answer format, but it also supports blogs. So, I'll be doing a blog there and here.

A question of late: If the US lost billions in the housing bubble burst of '07 and '08 (I lost 2/3 of my 401k), but it was all on paper, where did the money go? The link is to my answer. I have talked about that event here and in the Fedaerated blog. So, here  are some of those posts there.
So, the computer is misused by the ca-pital-sino. And, part of that configuration uses (guess what?) the internet. Ah, yes genies were let out of the bottle. And, it was under Clinton's time of reign.

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