Thursday, September 27, 2007

Poll completion

The time for the first poll has elapsed allowing a pause for interpretation and comment. The former can only have an anecdotal nature; the latter might to lead toward further polls that will be of interest and of use.

The 'role' poll will be part of subsequent polls.

These polls started around the time that the flightblogger posts were dealing with unannounced problems. Many thought that these would be covered in a scheduled status report (9/5 - indeed the topics were addressed somewhat). Usual poll etiquette was assumed, so we expect that the intent was to provide an opinion and not disinformation.

The first poll (started before 9/5) dealt only with the May 2008 date. 'Will this date be met?' is a very reasonable question (otherwise, how does one smooth over issues related to rushing the job?). Evidently, those who voted (124) thought so.
  • 37 (30% - for yes) with 87 (70% - for no) - see the third poll
The second poll (started before 9/5) dealt with the first flight (FF) date which was changed at the telecon. Polls 1 and 2 did not start at the same time, hence the difference in count. However, if FF is after the 2007 year-end, then delivery (functional, of course, and not just a show vehicle) in May 2008 would be a problem.
  • 28 (26% - before end of year) 80 (74% - before mid-2008)
The third poll is of interest as all of the four groups were represented with the majority being observers.

Modified: 10/2/2007

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