Monday, September 10, 2007

Reasonable effectiveness

The steps to a new product can be long and arduous. The computer has helped improve the situation on many fronts, such as design and analysis, enhanced products through embedded systems, and efficient processes, to name a few.

In short, effectiveness may be a measurable property. So, one might ask a question about the reasonable effectiveness of analytics such as those reported recently where physical tests help confirm analytics and product properties. Learning to balance between the sufficiency of model and any necessity of the physical foundation is still an art; this has historically been less troublesome overall in engineering than in finance.


06/11/2015 -- There will be a rework here and a rework there.

09/02/2009 -- Lets face it, folks, undecidability needs to be discussed and adopted in any complex situational setting, especially if computers are involved. Only hubris pushes us to make loud exclamations about what we're going to do in the future.

06/30/2009 -- Another delay (is the project out on a limb?).

01/22/2009 -- Questions to ponder include how does engineering handle hype? We all rely on, and must trust, that discipline's prowess.

11/26/2008 -- Boon and bust, the way of fairy dust.

10/27/2008 -- Yes, things fell apart for several reasons: fiction, leverage, and more.

09/11/2007 -- On another note, a summary of the vote: Date, Total (I think so, Praying for, Maybe not, Nope)

  • 9/5/2007, 47 (3, 5, 9, 27)
  • 9/9/2007, 75 (13, 8, 11, 43)
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