Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bank failures

They're dropping like flies, one might say. The prior post went on about Mac and Mae being symbols of the times.

Well, bankers and other financial types, what did you think would happen without rules being followed? What rules? Well, some of these are even natural, such as you don't leverage to the hilt and consider it safe.

Sheesh, what idiocy all around!!! NYSE, Chicago, et all all need to have stamped on their foreheads this, Las Vegas. Yes, it's gaming at the core; quicksand is the basis; or, using the gaming metaphor would have us say that it's a house of cards.

How does one build toward a retirement with such mis-management?

Oh, by the way, these oops hurt people. Except, Grasso is sitting pretty; he will be used as another symbol in future posts.

But, engineering will still be a focus, too, as it has spilled its ways into the financial realm.


12/05/2008 -- It got so bad that even in a Republican time socialization of loss was allowed to bail out the privatization of profit.

Modified: 12/05/2008

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