Thursday, July 3, 2008

Other oop types

Despite that we can handle 'oops and that we mostly enjoy the aah, oops abound.

Lately, the posts have dealt with a couple of types (engineering and financial), but there was some discussion earlier of the medical types. One to consider is the stroke, in the medical sense.

There may be several types of stroke, each with its contributing factors. The fact remains, though, that most strokes require a recovery process that is not short and that some do not allow any recovery.

Further, one may the stroke, and other health problems, as a metaphor for failures in various areas (essentially oops), as suggested by an earlier post. Naturally, avoidance is more important and being prepared for recovery, though we need both.

How many 'strokes' are there awaiting us from which recovery will be both painful and costly? Well, the whole sub-prime thing may be one. Too, that finance has put on a gaming hat may very well be another.



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