Thursday, July 31, 2008

Money and Being

The related blog is going to start to look at money (1st post on Money, money, money) and why the modern gaming schemes are out of whack in terms of managing such. In the meantime, this blog will pursue issues of oops in finance, in engineering, and in general.

Too, an anecdotal view is in order to try to explain the claims that computation and modern mathematics are at the core of the faulty thinking. It has to do with modeling and more.

But, taking money, and using the dollar, one problem is that giant sucking from the hapless to the ever-growing pockets of the fat cats does not move an homogeneous entity. No. The fat cat could not care less for an individual dollar.

On the other hand, those of meager means could even tell you how parts of a dollar were spent.

How do we account for this disparity better than the economists and financial types have done so far? Well, they'll talk in a mode that includes concepts such as marginal value and even risk in terms of how dollars are handled. But, remember they have scrunched what is a phenomenal complication into crunching numbers.

That is not sufficient, but no one has proposed a better means that passes muster. Granted such a model would be a large undertaking, perhaps beyond the means of a blog. Yet, somehow the stage needs to be set for the proper thinking and data analysis.

This new media may just be the sort of thing for that.

In short, think of these related blogs as a coherent entity (or an attempt thereof, at least), not unlike a book, that allows any associated bit of information to be available at a click of the mouse (or whatever other means) assuming that the underlying service pointed to by the link is both accessible and capable (not true, in any sense, except for in an ex post facto manner).

Actually, from the Truth Engineering perspective, such coherency (as is sought) would not be unlike a theorem-ic collective.

Yes, there is more to a dollar (and money) than the abstracted and sanitized view allows. By the way, money in its roles relates to objects of value which then applies to land, ourselves, and, perhaps, any other physical thing (for starters, let's go back and read the TE notions on Being).

The modern view on value has been screwed (skewed) by the growing prominence of 'busyness' in our psyches.

Those who argue that 'money' is this nebulous thing of arbitrary definition and value really are to blame for the mess that the nineteenth and twentieth centuries caused (and which, we'll need to recover from in the twenty-first century).


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