Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More miscellany

As alluded to in the prior post, blogs are a lot of work. Of course, one could just rant in a stream-of-consciousness mode. Would that be interesting?

You see, there are all the methods available for organizing, linking, and such. Besides, the medium seems to be a fair publishing scheme.

So, some work will be done here shortly to start the second year positively.

- find examples (another) of the gaming gone bad
- start to look at what money is and why we need it
- look at derivatives and the associated deleterious delusions

There needs to be some admin work done, to boot.
- register with a spider (Technorati Profile)
- link to some related blogs (Calculated Risk)


01/27/2009 -- Lessons to be learned (as opposed to learnt), including, by necessity, Ponzi.

Modified: 01/27/2009

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