Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NoooP and aah II

One thing that engineers, who deal with real domains, can do is test with something real, or in a somewhat realistic situation, as was done recently with the 787 wing box. There is an explanatory post at the Seattle P-I that includes links to videos of the 787 test. Too, there is a link to a similar test for the 777 test, similar in the sense that the 787 will still be undergoing the wing load test.

So, congratulations are in order on several fronts.

As said, the test results agreed with the analytic predictions. That is good and an example of the modern way (we know just how much thought, effort, and evaluation went into the massive analytic framework supported by computing); yet, there is an open question that we'll continue to bring up as to when a model is sufficient to be considered data.

An earlier post, in this blog, mentioned a site that will contain information about 787 technical milestones which appeals to those who want to see details for themselves. Too, the post discussed the problems in financial engineering of having any semblance of empiricism beyond the questionable metric of who has more money.

Expect more of a focus in the future, backed up technically.


01/19/2011 -- Update1 and Update2. The focus now will be mostly the idiots of economics/finance.

05/18/2009 -- Testing in flight is within sight.

Modified: 01/19/2011

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