Monday, October 5, 2009

Establishing value

What? Yes, think of 'value' as something to describe further. For now, let's just consider a couple of types which have been covered here: fair value and earned value.

Actually, given the preference of the blogger, that order ought to be reversed. The second deals with doing real things; the former tries to pin some value on results, albeit, nowadays, there is more a virtual (meaning, of course, not real - can't fly the stuff, can't eat it, can't do a lot of things, except exalt over others if you have a bunch, okay?) and gaming sense.

So, of late, everyone wonders about the underlying ponzi-ness of the economy that we've built ourselves out of the gab-standard sand (yeah, Ben, unwind your idiotic position -- hiding toxic wastes is not smart). It's a good question to ask.

Note: Fact is, if more than the golden sack'rs could benefit, then things could be a little nicer for everyone. Big Ben, are you listening?


03/17/2015 -- Still appropriate.

01/27/2011 -- The chimera shines. Even though, from a core and value sense, we do not know. Why? It's partly related to the computational underpinnings.

Modified: 03/17/2015

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