Tuesday, August 18, 2015

30-day view

From time to time, it's nice to look at what is being read and then to see where the originating source is. For us, a summary is fine. Those who commercialize want to track every little click.

On the right menu bar, we have the all-time most-popular posts listed. These are almost in a fixed-point stage. The 30-day view moves around a little more, topically.
30-day reads

Three things stood out. For one, Gab Standard (updated view) has been on the 30-day list, for some time. The original post was 2008 right about the time of the down turn. Since then, the topic has become even more compelling. Just consider, how productive is all of the hoopla concerning whether the FED will raise the rate? What is missing in all of the verbiage being thrown around is that savers are still being flayed (and, will continue to be for some time, evidently).

Then, Reasonable effectiveness is there since I have been writing more about quasi-empiricism under the truth engineering framework. I asked the question on Quora which got an interesting response from bots.

Of course, we want to talk a bit more about unknowns (thrown about by our old friend, Scott).

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