Saturday, December 19, 2009

Life as simulation

Or is it simulation as life?

Philip Greenspun talks about his recent experience with flight training. From reading the post, one gets a sense of his having spent several days in a simulator and then having an actual flight in a plane.

Now, are those two equivalent (simulation and flight)? Well, the short answer is that it depends. Yet, that question is at the core of several issues (see Remarks 07/05/09, Turing remix) that we need to resolve.

Also, we know that projects are becoming more reliant upon simulation, and advanced visualization, to an extreme point. Is that, by necessity, how things ought to unfold technically?


As a side note, Phil also mentions that his stress level built up in anticipation of the test flight. Sound almost like having too little actual feedback might be a factor. One might ask whether the practice of too little actual contact with reality, which is what we see with simulation, and other abstracted views of thing, just might be more problematic that we have considered.

We'll have to discuss that further at some point as there are several aspects to the problem. After all, folks, all this stuff is relatively new to us; that is, it was only a mere generation ago that such reliance only on simulation would have been impossible, and unconscionable. Of course, at that time, personal jets were not yet a reality.


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